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New study: Arctic ice is rotten

  • Author:
  • Updated: May 13, 2016
  • Published November 27, 2009

According to Environmental Research Web, a soon-to-be published study by a scientist from the University of Manitoba says that satellite estimates of the extent of stable, multi-year ice in the Arctic Ocean are significantly off. These new findings cast serious doubts on recent data indicating that the ice-pack may be reversing its melting trend lately. The study indicates that the method of measuring types of ice via satellite incorrectly counted thin, rotten ice and multi-year ice together. According to the findings, the rotten ice can masquerade electromagnetically as multi-year ice. On a recent icebreaker trip in Arctic waters, the team found lots of rotten ice where earlier satellite measurements told them to expect multi-year ice, and the old ice the team did find was so degraded that it hardly slowed the ship down. Read much more and watch video here.