According to the celebrity gossip site, Nicolas Cage bought one heck of a knife at Northern Knives in Anchorage on Wednesday.

Cage is in Anchorage filming "Frozen Ground," a movie in which he plays an investigator involved in the apprehension of Alaska's most notorious serial killer, and he reportedly "fell in love" with a custom blade while browsing at the well-known Downtown 5th Avenue shop.

The object of Cage's affection, made by Alaska's own Don Dezarn, reportedly features a bald eagle head engraved on its 4-inch blade and a handle that is part mammoth ivory. The blade reportedly came with a price tag of $2,000.

Cage reportedly told people inside the shop, jokingly or not isn't mentioned, that he planned to cut his steak with the new knife.

Read more, and see a photo that Alaska Beat suspects is about to go up on the wall at Northern Knives, here.