In Bethel, Alaska a Taco Bell might be considered a comforting reminder of the outside world. With a fluctuating population of 6,080, half of which are commuting back and forth between the remote community and more urban locations, a fast food chain is something to get excited about.

However, the fliers posted around town announcing the chain and calling for interested parties to apply for work, were all a part of a cruel joke. KYUK in Bethel reports it took more than a week for Bethel residents to uncover the disheartening truth.

While there are no suspects in custody and no sign of anyone coming forward, one thing is certain: There will be no Taco Bell. Nor will there be any real jobs available at the fictitious franchise.

Residents will still have to fly to their nearest location (in Anchorage) for gorditas and Doritos locos tacos.