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Rare white humpback whale caught on film off Arctic coast (+video)

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published November 18, 2012

This just in: a rare white humpback whale was spotted off the coast of the Arctic archipelago Svalbard, according to the Daily Mail. Even though they're tempting, hold off on those Moby Dick quips. Melville's infamous scourge of Captain Ahab was a sperm whale.

The all-white humpback whale was spotted by 32-year-old Dan Fisher, originally (and fittingly enough) from North Wales, while he was out on a boat crossing from mainland Norway toward the Norwegian islands that make up Svalbard.

Fisher was able to capture pictures of the great white whale (which you can see here) as well as a video (viewable below).

Fisher said, "When I spotted the white hump poking out of the water I was miffed as to what it was. But as soon as I realized it was a white whale, I was amazed."

Fisher, a maritime engineer, said he'd never seen anything like this in his 10 years on the water, adding: "Everyone I have told about it hasn't believed me until I show them the pictures. It was definitely an once-in-a-lifetime spot. I saw a lot of humpback whales this year but nothing as spectacular as this one."

Theory has it that the whale is white due to leucism, a condition which causes a reduction in skin pigment.

For more visit the Daily Mail here.

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