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Sarah Palin's PAC tosses Romney a little green

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published November 3, 2012

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has finally decided to throw a little cash Mitt Romney's way. On Wednesday, Palin's political-action committee (Sarah PAC) donated a rather last-minute lump sum to the Republican hopeful's campaign effort.

According to the Washington Post, the former half-term governor of Alaska gave the Romney camp a whopping $5,000 to spend on pencils, buttons or, you know ... whatever.

It's no secret that Sarah is not a fan of Obama, but she's been fairly tight-lipped about her true feelings for Republican nominee Romney; a surprising feat for a Palin, true. Sarah's also managed to avoid most kinds of direct involvement with the Romney camp, including endorsements or (gasp) stepping forward as his VP nom. Palin did offer an endorsement of sorts to Newt Gingrich, saying in March that she'd voted for Gingrich over Romney in her state's GOP primary. So why the sudden last minute support?

Despite wild rumors circulating around Palin's own interest in running for president, including a highly debated 2011 bus tour, she's never made a move on the ticket. But she did express, after it was clear that Romney would be the Republican nominee, her "honest belief" on NBC's "Today" show that "anybody running on a GOP ticket would be infinitely better than what we have today."

Apparently, Palin just has the back of the Grand Old Party, dontcha know.

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