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Here is one man's obsession with 'Pokemon Go'

  • Author: Scott Jensen
  • Updated: July 14, 2016
  • Published July 12, 2016

Downtown Anchorage is not immune to the "Pokemon Go" craze. On Tuesday afternoon, dozens of players of the augmented reality game buried their faces in their smartphones as they walked through Town Square Park, and on Fifth and Sixth avenues, among other areas in town.

One player, Dimanche Lek, took some time to explain the game to Alaska Dispatch News. He played the Nintendo Gameboy version of "Pokemon" back in the 1990s. This week he says he's had to carefully craft his schedule between sleep, meals and a 50-hour workweek to get enough "Pokemon Go" into his life.

If you're unclear exactly what it is, watch this video to understand the game a little better.

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