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Maverick, meet Piper. Behold the most popular baby names in Alaska

Amelia Steele, 7 months, is carried by her mom, Chelsea Morrow. Youngsters modeled fur and skin outfits during the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics Native baby regalia competition on July 20, 2017. “Amelia” was the eighth-most popular girls name in Alaska in 2017. (Marc Lester / Alaska Dispatch News)

Alaska's most popular baby names of 2017 are here.

The rankings are based on Social Security card application data, the Social Security Administration's website says.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Alaska was one of only two states where girl's name Aurora made the top 10. Aurora was the third most popular girl's name in Alaska last year. In New Mexico, it was 10th most popular.

Boy's name Maverick took the 41st spot for Alaska. Girl's name Piper came in 18th.

For both boys and girls, the top two 2016 names kept their reigning spots: James and Liam for boys, and Emma and Olivia for girls.

Four of the top 10 boy's names in 2016 — Owen, Joseph, Lucas and Mason — were replaced by Wyatt, Elijah, Benjamin and Samuel in 2017.

For girls, the names Elizabeth and Chloe in 2016's top 10 were replaced by Isabella and Evelyn in 2017.

Alaska's top 10 baby names for boys:

No. 1: James

No. 2: Liam

No. 3: Wyatt

No. 4: William

No. 5: Noah

No. 6: Oliver

No. 7: Logan

No. 8: Elijah

No. 9: Samuel

No. 10: Benjamin

And for girls:

No. 1: Emma

No. 2: Olivia

No. 3: Aurora

No. 4: Isabella

No. 5: Sophia

No. 6: Ava

No. 7: Evelyn

No. 8: Amelia

No. 9: Abigail

No. 10: Charlotte

Nationwide, Liam and Emma topped the list for boys and girls, respectively, followed by Noah and Olivia at No. 2, and William and Ava in third.

Find the full list of Alaska's 100 most popular baby names here.

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