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Winter Solstice Festival brightens the night at Anchorage’s Cuddy Park

As the sun went down Tuesday, fires and colorful lights kept a festive atmosphere going at Cuddy Family Midtown Park for the Winter Solstice Festival. The event filled the pond and nearby speedskating oval with ice skaters, some of whom held onto plastic seals for stability, others who sped by on long, thin nordic skates.

As the skaters zipped and twirled around the ice, a horse drawn carriage took people around the pond, and a dog team wearing holiday lights carried families through the snow-covered park.

While people waited in line for a ride on the dog sled, the Alaskanette Baton Corps provided entertainment by twirling flaming batons and hula hoops.

Loren Holmes

Loren Holmes is a staff photojournalist at the Anchorage Daily News. Contact him at