Online dating based on smell? There’s an app for that.

  • Author: Wayne and Wanda
  • Updated: September 1, 2018
  • Published September 1, 2018

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The single life. The list of pros and cons are exciting and petrifying, as are the dating opportunities. There's online dating, which offers something for everyone … and we mean everyone! And thankfully, there's Wanda and Wayne to wade through the depths of dating apps and sites for their readers. Here's what they dug up on a recent search of the new, niche and notorious. Good luck, you daring daters!

Wayne says:

Love is in the air folks. No seriously — can't you smell it?

Yes, Smell Dating is a thing. It's also a company ( which tags itself "The first mail odor dating service." Their concept is simple, if not stinky. It sends subscribers a T-shirt, which they wear for three days and nights without deodorant. They then return the shirt to the company, which creates swatches of said shirts and then sends them to potential matches. Take a whiff of the goods and if something tickles your nostrils and your fancy — and someone else is feeling your funk — Smell Dating will establish contact.

Well, they do say love is blind, but I've never heard anything about the reliability of love's olfactory system.

Wanda says:

I smell a rat. Or a con. Or … science? There's something to be said for pheromones, those tricky little scents all animals secrete when attracting mates. Could Smell Dating be a thing?

Maybe for some, but there's no way I would want a partner's first impression of me to be based on how I smell after not applying my good old Secret soft solid for three straight days. Heck, I don't even like to smell myself at that point. And how exactly is one supposed to wear the same T-shirt for three days unless it's a three-day weekend and you're camping?

Come to think of it, Alaskans, if smell dating intrigues you, don't bother sending off the T-shirt and waiting for results. Just go hang out at a Bear Tooth concert or a Sitzmark winter show or Salmonstock, inhale the aromatic opportunities, and follow your nose to your next potential romance.

Wayne says:

I love the smell of last night's bonfire in the morning …

What's the hottest online dating site/app in the game? EliteSingles. Oh you haven't heard of it? Of course you haven't. Ha.

EliteSingles targets and caters to members who are educated and over 30, smart, hardworking and seeking long-term relationships. More than 80 percent of members hold bachelor's, master's, and/or doctorate degrees. You'd have to be pretty brilliant and dedicated to survive EliteSingles' 200-question personality test, which analyzes around 30 character traits to generate exhaustingly comprehensive user profiles.

EliteSingles' popularity (2 million visitors and 165,000 new users per month) stems from its success rate (2,000+ new relationships a month) and its commitment to be as serious as its users: background searches to verify members; prioritizing user safety and information security; and creating thorough, efficient and intuitive connections.

If you're looking for quick swipes and hook-ups in a sea filled with fish, bait your hook elsewhere.

Wanda says: 

Man, I am so tired of getting blown up by advertisements for this service. Kidding!

I can see the value here. I have too many successful, attractive, amazing, single friends who complain about the difficulty of meeting any valid potential partner. Many will describe online dating as a frustrating exercise in ignoring or rejecting folks who aren't as successful or attractive as them and in some cases are decades older.

Again, science backs this up. A study published earlier this summer found that there's often a huge gap with online daters where people chase after people who are, for lack of a better phrase, out of their league.

The trouble with most online dating is it's simply the electronic equivalent of walking into a crowded bar: there may be some pretty faces, and plenty of folks looking for a good time, but there actually may not be a single person in the room that meets one's standards. So go get it, EliteSingles. And for the rest of us, we'll just have to wait for that AverageSingles site to launch any day now so we no longer have to electronically mingle with those pesky supermodels and millionaires.

Wayne says: 

For football fans, Wanda, dating someone out of your league is called "outkicking the coverage." And I'm an all-pro!

Speaking of elitists … Opposites might attract, but when it comes to the Apple vs. PC debate, there's no love lost between the camps. Maybe that's why a dating app like Cupidtino actually existed for a hot minute.

In this world of tech trends and online dating, along came Cupidtino (Cupid + Cupertino = Get it? lolz), which gave all of those millions of super-cool, uber-smart Mac and Apple users an online "neighborhood café where people are hip, décor is classy, conversation is intelligent and prices are reasonable." It was also a safe place to play with their favorite Apple-approved products while laughing at the inferior tech users who were locked out of the cafe.

While it scores points for creativity, the site was too niche, quite possibly less popular than the U2 iPod, and ultimately its lifespan was shorter than an iPhone battery.

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