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Everything but the turkey: Thanksgiving recipes for last-minute planners

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Whether you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving feast, heading to a Friendsgiving celebration or planning a more intimate dinner at home, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little stressed about your Turkey Day food planning.

If you’re a last-minute planner in need of some recipe inspiration, we’ve collected some of our greatest hits perfect for the holidays below. You’ll find appetizers, side dishes, turkey tips, desserts, planning ideas and different ways to repurpose your leftovers.


  1. Choose-your-own-adventure Alaska salmon spread
  2. Pimento cheese spread
  3. Cast-iron skillet mushrooms with spring pesto
  4. Raclette cheese fit for a party
  5. Spicy halibut and cream cheese wontons
  6. Baked brie with caramelized onion and apple
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  1. Smashed potatoes, harissa carrots and cranberry mushroom stuffing
  2. Cranberry chutney
  3. Parmesan roasted carrots
  4. Bacon fat biscuits with apple, white cheddar and rosemary
  5. Cilantro-lime squash salad
  6. Savory potato pancakes
  7. Paprika oven fries with rosemary lemon aioli
  8. Carol’s rolls
  9. Oyster stuffing
  10. Pumpkin quick bread
  11. Spiced roasted acorn squash
  12. Brussels sprouts with bacon and cranberries


Unless you’re babying that bird in a closely-monitored water bath or thawing in the microwave, it’s a little late to just begin thinking about turkey. Here are some tips on how to thaw a frozen turkey safely. Our dining reviewer, Mara Severin, shared her technique for a perfect roast turkey with readers back in 2016, and her method has withstood the test of time. There’s also this handy guide to brining a turkey. Thinking about deep-frying? If you haven’t seen this video showing how not to deep fry a turkey, it’s worth a watch — and some note-taking.


  1. Sweet potato pie with marshmallow meringue
  2. Easy caramel pie
  3. Apple pie
  4. Foolproof wild blueberry pie
  5. Rhubarb crisp
  6. Lemon meringue pie
  7. Chocolate pudding cake
  8. Maple pumpkin cheesecake swirls
  9. Cinnamon apple crisp pie
  10. Baked apples with vanilla custard
  11. Brown butter and vanilla bean rice crispy treats
  12. Triple coconut cheesecake
  13. Boozy chocolate pecan pie
  14. Pumpkin marble cheesecake bars
  15. Pecan thumbprints and ricotta ‘cake’ cookies


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  1. Turkey soup
  2. Leftover Thanksgiving lasagna
  3. Holiday hash
  4. Pumpkin sour cream pancakes
  5. Orange French toast stuffed with cranberry cream cheese
  6. Different uses for cranberry sauce: Smoothies, grilled cheese sandwiches and more