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How Alaska eats: Hawaiian rolls for your homies + all the banana recipes

Freshly-baked Hawaiian-style rolls (Julia O'Malley / ADN)

Newsletter #46: Hangin’ loose

We’re counting down the days until school is out over here. Somehow it seems harder than ever to get out the door on time, you know? The kids have developed a habit of eating buttered King’s Hawaiian Rolls in the car, and then I got super into trying to make them at home. The resulting recipe is not an exact recreation, but it is delicious all the same. (Try 'em warm with ham and cheese.)

Meanwhile, for those still in the market for salmon recipes, Maya Wilson and Kim Sunee have a few, including this nice-looking salmon burger with sesame slaw and wasabi mayo.

Salmon burgers with sesame slaw and wasabi mayo (Maya Wilson / Alaska from Scratch)

A few other things to pep up the weeknight scene: a chicken and blackberry spinach salad, or a green tea noodle bowl, or maybe some spicy red pepper pasta. Or, if it’s just one of those nights, how about a blueberry smoothie and some popcorn?

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Spicy roasted red pepper pasta

This weekend, because I’m feeling fancy (and I went too hard on sale bananas), I might just make some bananas foster pancakes on Sunday morning. (Or not. There’s this also killer banana-Nutella muffin recipe or this banana-mascarpone cake. Can’t let them go to waste. #bananaguilt)

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Banana cake with mascarpone frosting. (Kim Sunee)

Jeff Lowenfels says it is officially time to plant your garden! Get out there! Fun fact: Did you know Alaska leads the nation in new farmers? That’s a great reason to subscribe to a local CSA. And, while we’re talking subscriptions, do you have one to the ADN? (Go here.)

Here’s hoping the birch tree leaves in your yard are at least as big as a squirrel’s ear.