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How Alaska eats: Berry special

Strawberry slab pie.

Newsletter #48: I have (pie) fillings for you

I don’t know about you but I keep finding myself buying these big clamshells of strawberries because they are so inexpensive. But even in a family of berry eaters, we can’t seem to polish off a whole box before they spoil (I suspect this is why the price is so good).

That’s what led me to experiment with slab pie. The thing you want to do is wait for it to set up, which means leaving the pie alone overnight, because then you’ll get a nice, sliceable gel filling. (I’m not actually capable of leaving a warm pie unsliced, but maybe you have more will power.) It’s a great barbecue potluck item.

Roasted beet and strawberry salad with pistachio (Photo by Kim Sunée)

This time of year begins a marathon of summer kid birthday parties in my family. First on the docket: a chocolate cake with a filling made of crushed Oreos and whipped cream, perhaps frosted to look like a soccer field (wish me luck). I’m going to use Maya Wilson’s trusty chocolate cake recipe. Also great for those of you with birthday cake needs is her citrus cake with cream cheese frosting.

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Beatty’s Chocolate Cake (Photo by Maya Wilson)

Also, I’m seeing lots of decently priced fresh halibut at local fish counters. We have a halibut taco recipe that might serve you, as well as one for halibut with carrots and horseradish. There’s also classic halibut Olympia, which we all have a soft spot for.

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Halibut tacos with mango salsa and lime crema

Oh: Did you know that Alaska’s biggest ever commercial seaweed harvest is happening right now? I want to be cooking more with kombu. (I’m working on a recipe -- stay tuned. Do you have good one? Email me!) Oh, and if you don’t already, treat yourself to unlimited story and recipe reading and support local news by subscribing.

Here’s hoping you don’t accidentally spill pie on your white pants. (If you do, boiling water takes it right out. Guess how I know?)