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How Alaska eats: If bringing dip is wrong, I don’t want to be right

Grilled eggplant dip (Photo by Kim Sunée)

Newsletter #49: Good auber-genes

It’s Memorial Day weekend and lots of us are headed for campfires, backyard barbecues and lakeside lawn-chair setups. Here is a sterling piece of practical advice: bring dip. Dip is never wrong. Kim Sunée has a new recipe for grilled eggplant spread, or you could trick out your own signature salmon spread, or make Kenai dip or some Green Goddess dip, which is basically good on everything.

A vegetable platter served with avocado Green Goddess dip (Kim Sunée)

If you’re looking for something for the grill, our market columnist Steve Edwards, back for the summer season, has tips on buying local fish, plus a run down on the farmers market scene. If you’re looking for some festive weekend crowd food, dial up Kim Sunée’s Korean fried chicken or, if you’re camping, you could throw some teriyaki chicken packs on the fire.

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Pineapple teriyaki chicken foil packs (Maya Wilson / Alaska from Scratch)

Or just make a gorgeous apple pie. Because, like dip, pie always wins.

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Apple pie (Photo by: Maya Wilson/Alaska From Scratch)

In other news, Annie Zak reports there’s a new restaurant in the La Potato location called Charlou among other restaurant openings and closings. I got pretty excited for summer grilling watching this Rebecca Palsha segment on the first salmon coming out of the Copper River. Oh, and have you subscribed? That’s how you keep the local news coming.

Here’s hoping, wherever you are, it stays above 60 and doesn’t rain.