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How Alaska eats: I like big (blueberry) Bundts

Blueberry cream cheese Bundt cake (Photo by Kim Sunée)

Newsletter #50: That first bite of fresh salmon, you know?

Man, I’m thinking about dipping nets in the Copper River today. Salmon from that river is in the markets already, that unmistakable sign of summer. I drove to Costco last Friday only to watch another shopper snatch the last fillet ($13.99 a pound!). Luckily a friend had me over and we ate it, hot off the charcoal grill, the way you should do.

Kim Sunée is clearing out the last little bits of last year’s bounty to make room for this year, using her blueberries in this new recipe for cream cheese Bundt cake. It’s a perfect dish to bring when you get invited to dinner.

Broiled salmon with birch syrup glaze (Maya Wilson / Alaska from Scratch)

Should you get your hands on some salmon and want to think outside of the old grill routine, you might try a pan sear or you could throw it under the broiler with a birch syrup glaze.

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Unrelated, but: HOW DID THE RHUBARB SUDDENLY GET SO BIG? Who knows? But let’s make some rhubarb barbecue sauce. And, perhaps, a rhubarb-basil smash?

Rhubarb basil smash cocktail, made with rhubarb-infused gin. (Maya Wilson / Alaska from Scratch)

Those of us still piecing away at our vegetable gardens will appreciate the garden hacks offered in this week’s column by Jeff Lowenfels. Our market columnist Steve Edwards asked Alaska farmers about the very best vegetables to plant (and has all your market news as well). I, for one, am planting scarlet runner beans. They grow crazy fast, and look how pretty they are.

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Scarlet runner beans (Getty Images)

I have made so many beer can chickens, so stay tuned for next week’s recipe because it is great. And, if you don’t already, support local news and local cooking and subscribe to the ADN.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain at soccer practice.