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How Alaska eats: Tons of local seafood pasta-bilities

Pasta with salmon, currants and fried capers (Kim Sunee)

Newsletter #51: A lilac gin and tonic on the lawn

Oh, hey, it’s Friday. How tired are you? Have you been getting up earlier because of the sun AND staying up late to watch the kids play T-ball, or take a hike in the Chugach front range, or sneak in a bike ride before you slip into bed? Everybody’s extra hungry at the end of the day, it seems. How about pasta?

Kim Sunée has a new recipe this week for an easy one that uses leftover salmon and fried capers. She recommends using fresh pasta, which you can of course buy, but maybe you’re in the mood for a satisfying little kitchen project. If that’s the case, Kirsten Dixon has a recipe for making it. You could also throw together some halibut piccata over angel hair. Or do a Maya Wilson number with a smoked salmon cream sauce, or just toss some bow ties with arugula and ricotta.

Halibut piccata over angel hair pasta (Maya Wilson / Alaska from Scratch)

Also please consider this pasta salad I can’t stop riffing on with corn, bacon and fresh lime. Sometimes I don’t use pasta at all and add zucchini and it’s great. Somewhat related, here’s a cocktail of the week in honor of what’s blooming in front yards across Anchorage: a lilac gin and tonic.

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Lilac gin and tonic (Maya Wilson / Alaska from Scratch)

Here’s something cool: Our market columnist Steve Edwards reports you can now take an urban food tour of Anchorage (he’s got all the latest on the farmers markets, too).

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And, our intrepid reviewer Mara Severin has a roundup of food carts to put on your list. Quick tour in pictures:

Clockwise from top left: Sweet and spicy poke from Da Poke Man Express; the Polar Dip food stand; the Denali double-decker burger from DD's Burgers; Da Poke Man Express truck; barbecue ribs from Toya's Soul Food truck; and the Salmon Hookup Truck's salmon burger (Photos by Mara Severin)

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Here’s hoping your beer can chicken doesn’t tip over on the grill.