‘Teaming With Microbes’ podcast: The art and science of composting

In this episode, Jeff and Jonathan are all about spring gardening, including the critical process of “hardening off” plants.

Welcome to a weekly podcast with longtime Anchorage Daily News garden writer and author Jeff Lowenfels, and co-hosted by Jonathan White. Think of it as a companion to Jeff’s weekly columns and his popular series of books. Every week, Jeff and Jonathan dive deep into organic gardening and the soil food web, breaking down science, providing expert gardening advice and busting some long-held myths about how to help your garden grow.


In this episode, Jeff and Jonathan talk about spring organic gardening.

They share tips on what to look out for during your spring inspection, from emerging life to remnants of winter damage. Next, they dive deep into the art and science of composting, including the right way to turn your compost pile. Additionally, they discuss the critical process of “hardening off” — a technique to acclimatize plants, gradually introducing them to outdoor conditions to minimize stress and maximize their resilience. Finally, they take a closer look at the fascinating world of plant chemistry, explaining how the surge of phytohormones in spring assists plant development, providing resistance to environmental stress and promoting healthy, robust growth.

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Hosts: Jeff Lowenfels and Jonathan White. Produced by Evan Phillips.

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Jeff Lowenfels

Jeff Lowenfels has written a weekly gardening column for the ADN for more than 45 years. His columns won the 2022 gold medal at the Garden Communicators International conference. He is the author of a series of books on organic gardening available at Amazon and elsewhere. He co-hosts the "Teaming With Microbes" podcast.

Jonathan White

Jonathan White is the co-host, with Jeff Lowenfels, of the "Teaming with Microbes" podcast. He's an Anchorage small business owner, gardener and former journalist.