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Kenai rejects changing local rules to permit on-site marijuana use

KENAI — The city of Kenai has rejected changing local rules to permit on-site use of marijuana at authorized locations.

City Attorney Scott Bloom says further action would be needed if Kenai wants to disallow on-site use, such as enacting local rules prohibiting it or imposing a moratorium.

The city considered an ordinance Wednesday that proposed making zoning and land use changes and would have set up a special local permit process.

KSRM Radio reports that Vice Mayor Tim Navarre says there didn’t seem to be an immediate push for on-site use. He says, if anything, he’s heard concerns about on-site use from the public.

Alaska marijuana regulators approved first-in-the-nation statewide rules for on-site use that took effect last month. They allow local communities to ban on-site use or aspects of it.