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Driver initially believed to be police impersonator was in ATF vehicle on 'official business'

A person initially believed to be impersonating an officer on the Glenn Highway over the weekend was driving an SUV that belongs to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, police say.

Police said in a notice posted Saturday that a driver reported an unmarked white Ford SUV with red-and-blue interior dash lights attempting to pull them over while driving northbound. When the driver yielded, police said, the SUV driver "sped past him, laughed and flipped him the middle finger." The motorist told police he then watched the same behavior occur three more times with the same results.

In a release late Monday night, APD said ATF "has acknowledged that an SUV belonging to the agency" was involved with the citizen complaint.

"(A)fter conducting an investigation, today it was determined the vehicle belonged to ATF and was conducting official business at the time of the alleged conduct," the release continues. "ATF will be conducting a personnel investigation and APD is fully cooperating with this agency in their investigation."