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NWS says clear skies in Southcentral Alaska mean cold, nearly freezing nights

The National Weather Service says overnight temperatures may approach freezing the next few nights in spots around Southcentral Alaska.

The chilled weather is expected in "typical cold spots" in the region, according to the weather service. A special weather statement posted Wednesday afternoon says affected communities may include East Anchorage, the interior Kenai Peninsula, Meadow Lakes and Butte.

"Temperatures in the lower portions of the Copper River Basin have already been below freezing (Wednesday) morning and will remain at risk for additional freezes through the end of the week," the statement says.

Temperatures in the Eagle River Valley and south of Wasilla Lake dropped to 32 degrees overnight, marking a seasonal first in the areas, according to the weather service.

Meteorologists report there is no immediate concern for widespread frost, "but gardeners: here's your heads-up to start making end-of-season preparations."

Clear skies and longer nights have allowed temperatures to cool down rapidly for each of the past few nights in Southcentral. This trend is likely to continue until clouds move in for the weekend and cause overnight temperatures to rise, according to the weather service.

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Temperatures will return to seasonal norms as a low-pressure system moving through the Bering Sea and over the Alaska Peninsula sends a cold front expected to reach the region on Saturday night, said Anchorage meteorologist Rebecca Duell with the agency.

Whether it will stay cold consistently through September remains to be seen, Duell said.

Jerzy Shedlock

Jerzy Shedlock is a former reporter for Alaska Dispatch News. He left the ADN in 2017.