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A message from the new publishers of Alaska Dispatch News

  • Author: Ryan Binkley and Jason Evans
  • Updated: August 13, 2017
  • Published August 12, 2017

This weekend we made a bold first step to ensure the future of the Alaska Dispatch News going forward. At the same time the paper has filed for bankruptcy protection, we've entered an agreement to purchase the ADN and immediately take control of the operations of the paper, beginning Sunday.

We are a group of lifelong Alaskans who have come together to save the ADN during this interim time. Our group is led by Ryan Binkley and Jason Evans.

Ryan Binkley was born in Fairbanks and has lived around the state his whole life. He is a fourth-generation riverboat captain who has led his family business in Fairbanks, The Riverboat Discovery and Gold Dredge 8, for the last 11 years.

Jason Evans was born and raised in Nome, is Inupiaq Eskimo, and has also lived in the state his whole life. He is the president of Rural Energy Enterprises, has experience on numerous boards and is the owner of Alaska Media LLC, which owns three newspapers in rural Alaska.

Newspapers across the country are in distress and operating independently in remote Alaska adds to the challenge. We will be working with the talented and dedicated team here at the company, building a winning organization.

The ADN can't be allowed to go away. It's too important to the city of Anchorage and to the State of Alaska. Alaska deserves and needs a robust and healthy paper of record as much as it needs any other public utility or infrastructure, particularly in these uncertain times. We grew up reading the ADN and our actions are intended to ensure that our grandchildren can do the same.

Serving the loyal employees, readers and advertisers who depend on the ADN is our highest priority. The ADN depends on you as well, and your support is its greatest asset moving forward.

The ADN will continue its commitment to publish important and relevant news that our readers expect. The people of Alaska and Anchorage will have an award-winning statewide newspaper and we're committed to building an institution that ensures its future.