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ACS reports internet outages in Anchorage and Fairbanks

Customers of Alaska Communications Systems broadband service in Anchorage and Fairbanks experienced a series of outages over the weekend and through Tuesday, the company said.

The cause of the outages was not immediately known, said ACS spokeswoman Hannah Blankenship. The company is still trying to restore service to about 300 household and business subscribers in the two cities.

"Over the weekend there were outages. The outages on Saturday night were resolved on Sunday and the outages on Sunday were resolved Monday and now we're handling the issues that started on Monday," Blankenship said. "We're still searching for the cause and are not sure when it will all be back up."

ACS is advising people with internet issues to first unplug their modems for about a minute and then plug them back in, a simple process known as "power-cycling."

If restarting the modem fails to bring back service, Blankenship said customers should feel free to call the ACS tech service hotline at 800-808-8083.