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Letter: No to diversity

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
  • Updated: August 12
  • Published August 12

Mine own philosophy on this life is something that I truly believe can and would end all 'isms' at once. Regardless of what leftist proponents of diversity promote, therein lies only separation of what they determine as various groups, each somehow victimized unto themselves whilst seeking equality. Equality, within itself, resides within the individual, not because of what they are but who they are.

The very basic ideology of victimhood is more than flawed, it is moronic. As an individual, one attains success, or does not attain success as simply that — an individual. The leftist victimization ideology always blames the lack of success upon some group that supposedly keeps the victims down, when it is that ideology that does exactly that.

The diversity crowd — the divisive crowd — consider their own power through separation, rather than inclusion, as they would have us believe.
We are all of us inclusive, regardless of our supposed differences, should we seek a common goal, though the divisive leftists may wish the all of us to act not as a community, but as idealistic followers of their propaganda.

Let us come together, as individuals, regardless of our differences within the supposed diversity that the leftists put forth, and solve our problems together, rather than allow the leftists to determine what we are.
— Randy Lee Harkins

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