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Alaska conservatives: We want to hear your views about news coverage. Take this survey.

Are you an Alaskan who considers yourself right-leaning or conservative? If so, we want you to consider participating in a survey about news coverage, especially local and regional coverage.

The Anchorage Daily News / is working with the Trusting News project, the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin and around 30 other newsrooms as part of a national effort focused on the political divide and trust in journalism.

Your participation in the survey will help us and other news organizations better understand your views.

We hear from readers all the time with opinions about coverage. ADN readers come from many backgrounds and political points of view. Alaska and Anchorage are diverse places, and people expect a lot from from local and regional news sources. National research has found a widening media trust gap, especially among Republicans and people with right-leaning views. Polling has shown they’re less likely to trust news media in general than independents and Democrats.

While we hear from and talk with Alaska conservatives often, this survey is a chance to go deeper. That’s why we’d like you to participate. We’ll also be talking with a smaller group of respondents individually, and more in-depth, as part of the project. Information from the survey and interviews will be anonymized and compiled later this year. Note: The survey focuses on news coverage, not opinion journalism.

How do I take the survey?

Go here: The survey will take a few minutes. Be sure to name the Anchorage Daily News as the organization that referred you to the survey.

In addition to the survey questions, you’ll be asked if you’re willing to interviewed. The Center for Media Engagement will then share your contact information with the ADN. If you’re selected, newsroom leaders will set up a time to listen to you, via Zoom, and we’ll share that information with researchers involved in the project. Your name will not be used. If you’re selected to be interviewed, you’ll get a $25 gift card.

What if I don’t consider myself a conservative or right-leaning but have opinions or concerns about news coverage?

While this particular survey involves conservatives, we’re here to serve the entire community and always want to hear from readers with feedback, concerns and suggestions. We’re listening. Reach out to ADN editor David Hulen anytime at