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Two-week extension granted for studded tire use in Alaska

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
  • Updated: 5 days ago
  • Published 5 days ago

The Alaska Department of Public Safety has granted an extension for Alaskans to swap out their studded tires due to winter weather conditions.

Originally, those living below the 60 North Latitude line — Kodiak, Southeast and the Alaska Peninsula — had until April 15 to remove their studded tires. Alaskans living above the 60 North Latitude line — Southcentral Alaska and areas north, including all portions of the Sterling Highway — had until May 1.

Deadlines have been pushed to May 1 and May 15. Southeast residents have an extra 16 days; Anchorage-area residents have an extra 14.

“This extension provides drivers with an additional margin of safety on icy or snowy roads through breakup,” Department of Public Safety Commissioner Jim Cockrell said in a press release.

Anchorage residents have until May 15 to change their studded tires.