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Curious Alaska: What do you want to know?

Igloo City along the Parks Highway near Cantwell. (Erik Hill / ADN archive 2005)

Curious Alaska is new feature we’re trying out at the Daily News. The idea is simple: You have questions. Our reporters are good at finding answers.

Maybe you’re curious about a landmark (like the Parks Highway Igloo, pictured above), or a tradition, a news event, or a public figure from the past. Maybe you have a practical question about everyday life in Alaska.

Maybe you want to know what Sarah Palin is up to these days. Maybe you want to know why snowmachines are known as “sno-gos” in some regions of Alaska but not others. Maybe you want to know why some roads get plowed sooner than others in Anchorage, or which volcano is the most active, or the origins of the Alaska Permanent Fund. Maybe you want to know what happened to the settlement money from the Exxon-Valdez or....something else. Whatever your question, we’re here to check it out.

Nothing is off-limits. Each week, we will choose a question and try our best to answer it. Send yours on the form below. (Having trouble seeing the form? Try here.)