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Nenana Ice Classic announces 18 winners who’ll split this year’s jackpot

The winners of this year’s Nenana Ice Classic have been tallied and announced after the ice went out on the Tanana River earlier this month, signaling the end of the popular annual guessing game.

Each year, people buy tickets and place bets on the exact date and time that the river’s ice will move out enough to tip over a tripod, which is rigged to stop the clock when it moves down the river.

[Nenana Ice Classic breakup guessing game ends after a day of suspense]

Eighteen winners will split this year’s jackpot of $242,923, according to the Ice Classic’s website. Participants bought $2.50 tickets to place their bets in the 106th iteration of the contest.

The tripod went out at 6:47 p.m. Alaska Standard Time on May 2, ending a day full of suspense for onlookers. The tripod had tipped over the day before, but had not moved far enough down the river to trip the clock.

The winners who correctly guessed the exact date, hour and minute that the clock would stop are:

• Dale Bagley

• Paula Bifelt

• Moses Brink

• Joe Dinkins

• Desmond Duffy

• Joseph Durrenberger

• Kathy Fecke

• Edith Frazier

• Joseph Gschwind

• Lisa Huntington

• Roar Ingebretsen

• Sean Lincoln

• Rosemary Nelson

• Sharon A. Turner

• Ted and Sally Wicken

• Tim R. Young

• Nikiski Adventurers Pool

• Keefe Klan Pool