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Meet Cranbeary: Alaska Zoo hosts female polar bear from Denver on a matchmaking trip

  • Author: Bob Hallinen
  • Updated: October 29, 2018
  • Published October 29, 2018

Cranbeary's trip to the Alaska Zoo isn't the first away from home for the polar bear from Denver. Born at the Denver Zoo, Cranbeary, now 16 years old, spent about four years at the Memphis Zoo before returning to the Denver Zoo in 2010.

Cranbeary is on loan from the Denver Zoo and will be viewable by the public in January, barring pregnancy. (Bob Hallinen / ADN)

As part of the zoo and aquarium captive breeding program, Cranbeary will be introduced to Louie, the Alaska Zoo's male polar bear. In January, unless she is already pregnant by a Denver polar bear, she will be made viewable to the public at the Alaska Zoo.

Cranbeary explores her new home at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage on Friday, Oct. 26, 2018. (Bob Hallinen / ADN)

Beth Foglesong, the Alaska Zoo's zookeeper, said, "We are super excited to have her here."

"She is adapting pretty well," said Meryt Schumacher, the Denver Zoo's marine mammal specialist.

Meryt Schumacher, left, a zookeeper with the Denver Zoo, traveled with Cranbeary to make sure she settled into her new home. Beth Foglesong, right, zookeeper with the Alaska Zoo, will oversee Cranbeary’s care at the zoo. (Bob Hallinen / ADN)

Cranbeary has been exploring her outdoor space, and her bright white coat is now covered with Alaska dirt. Schumacher said Cranbeary likes to play with trash cans and loves romaine lettuce. It is not yet known how long her stay in Alaska will last.

(Bob Hallinen / ADN)