Abruptly out of work, two Anchorage women climbed into costumes and started a new job: Cheering up the city

A unicorn and a dinosaur walked through Anchorage’s South Addition neighborhood on Wednesday, bringing smiles to mail carriers, dog walkers and children who watched from their windows.

With hospitals and surgery centers putting off elective surgeries because of the growing coronavirus pandemic, scrub tech Christine Hohf found herself working only a few hours a week, mostly answering phones. So she pulled out her inflatable unicorn costume on Tuesday and starting walking down the street waving at people. Her friend, teacher Andi Correa, joined her in a dinosaur costume.

“A lot of people have been cheering us on,” she said.

Six-year-old Cameron Richards watched from his window and said afterward, “It was great. I loved it.”

The response has been so positive that Hohf plans on doing it every day “until the end of quarantine.” She said she is taking requests for where to go on Nextdoor.

Loren Holmes

Loren Holmes is a staff photojournalist at the Anchorage Daily News. Contact him at