14 questions: Anchorage Assembly candidate Jamie Allard

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for Anchorage Assembly in the 2020 election to answer a series of questions, many of which were based on suggestions from readers. Find all candidates and their answers here. (We also surveyed candidates for Anchorage School Board.)

Note: This survey was sent and candidates’ responses were collected in February, before the first confirmed case of the new coronavirus was reported in Alaska.

Candidate: Jamie Allard

Age: 49

Occupation: Former special assistant/legislative liaison for the Alaska Department of Military and Veteran Affairs commissioner


Why are you running?

My desire to do the right thing for Chugiak-Eagle River community. Public safety, fiscal responsibility and economic growth is the driving force. I want my kids to want to stay in Alaska and live in a thriving community.

What is your overall vision for Anchorage?

To improve public safety, fiscal accountability and economic growth.

What specifically should the city do to offset the decline in revenue from the state? Are you in favor of new taxes or revenue? If so, what specifically?

This isn’t about state subsidies, this is about failed leadership. Leadership in Anchorage hasn’t been able to live within their means. Since 2015 when Mayor Ethan Berkowitz took over, the Anchorage municipality has increased its spending over $82 million. For your $82 million you are buying more crime, more homelessness, and the degradation of our road network, infrastructure and poor maintenance.

Should the city cut its budget? If so, where specifically would you cut spending?

Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department has been able to save, plan and pay when and where needed. They have never purchased a fire truck through bonds. Planning, implementing and executing the above example would save tax payers millions in interest alone. This would decrease the municipality budget.

What specific steps should the city take to address homelessness? If your vision requires funding, where would the money come from?

Allow the Anchorage Police Department to enforce the laws.

What is the biggest issue facing Anchorage, and how would you address it?

Lack of leadership.

What specific steps should the city take to address crime in Anchorage?

Allow the Anchorage Police Department to enforce the laws.

2019 was the warmest year on record for Alaska. What should Anchorage do to address climate change?

It’s everyone’s responsibility to be a good steward of the environment. Were you here in January? In January we had the longest cold snap in a decade, and possibly the coldest month since the 1950s.

How is the current Assembly doing? Are there any issues you would raise if elected?

Overspending, poor leadership and absolutely no fiscal accountability.

Do you support the governor’s budget cuts?


The Port of Alaska needs at least hundreds of millions of dollars to modernize. How should port modernization be paid for?

Private industry is more efficient than government. Privatization of port operations will ensure continuous maintenance and expansion to meet demand. This will eliminate the need for the Anchorage municipality to increase its revenue through taxation.

Describe an ordinance or legislative issue you plan to bring forward as an Assembly member, and any funding it might require.

The fundamental role of the government is to provide public safety and continued infrastructure development.

There is a movement in the Eagle River/Chugiak district to secede from the Municipality of Anchorage. Where do you stand on EagleExit?

The people of Chugiak-Eagle River have the right to decide their own future.

What other important issue would you like to discuss here?

Public safety, education and taxes. The Anchorage Assembly needs to get their financial house in order.