14 questions with Anchorage Assembly candidates

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for Anchorage Assembly in the 2020 election to answer a series of questions, many of which were based on suggestions from readers. Find all candidates and their answers below. (We also surveyed candidates for Anchorage School Board.)

Note: This survey was sent and candidates’ responses were collected in February, before the first confirmed case of the new coronavirus was reported in Alaska.

THE CANDIDATES (Individual candidate answers to all the questions)

District 1: Downtown

Chris Constant

District 2: Eagle River/Chugiak

Jamie Allard

Roger Branson

Stephany Jeffers

District 3: West Anchorage

Austin Quinn-Davidson

MoHagani Magnetek

Nick Danger

District 4: Midtown Anchorage

Felix Rivera

Christine Hill

Enrico Tutaan withdrew from the race in February.

District 5: East Anchorage

Pete Petersen

Monty Dyson

David Walker withdrew from the race in February.

District 6: South Anchorage

Suzanne LaFrance

Rick Castillo