Anchorage School Board candidate Q&A: Nial Sherwood Williams (Seat E)

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for Anchorage mayor and School Board to answer a series of issue questions. Read all of them here.

NIAL WILLIAMS | Occupation: 1776 Alaska - Freedom & Liberty Worldwide | Age: 35 |

1. Why are you running?

I am running to provide a voice to the people that have been discriminated against by the unlawful overreach of government. To work to make sure that all children have access to primary education and are not closed out of the schools ever again.

2. Why are you qualified to serve as an Anchorage School Board member?

I will follow all state laws, municipal code and school board bylaws and hold board members accountable to the same.

3. What’s your vision for education in Anchorage?

To reopen all schools immediately. To give the children their desks back. To have children have their recess time. I will eliminate the Planned Parenthood slaughter clinics from our district and stop the propagandizing of our children against the will of the parents. I will also balance the budget as is necessary according to statute.

4. How would you rate the school district’s performance during the pandemic — protecting public health, delivering quality education services, serving the community? What specifically would you have done differently?

ASD has performed disgracefully. There has never been a need to close schools. I will not allow discrimination against those who cannot wear a mask or who choose not to vaccinate.

5. What do you believe is the single most important issue facing the Anchorage School District? How would you address it if elected?

The union’s chokehold on the education system. The practice of tenure was never meant for primary education. This merely protects underperforming teachers and does not allow the board to be able to properly handle teachers who are actively destroying the family structure.

6. If I could change one thing in the Anchorage School District, it would be _____. Explain.

Teacher pay is based on results.

7. Do you have areas of concern about student achievement in the Anchorage School District? What are your specific suggestions for improvement?

Reopen all schools now.

8. What are your thoughts on the current and proposed Anchorage School District budgets?

The budgets are out of whack. They are not balanced as is statutorily required. I would put a stop to the reckless overspending.

9. Are there specific curriculum changes you would advocate? Describe them and the reason you want to see a change.

Eliminate sexual education. Eliminate Planned Parenthood slaughter clinic training. Eliminate transgender training. Eliminate anti-racism training. Replace with mandatory classes about the Bill of Rights, United States Constitution and Alaska State Constitution. Also teach children how to balance a checkbook and to do taxes.

10. The school district used distance learning extensively over the past year. Once in-person classes fully return, would you like to see continuing or additional distance-learning options offered?

In-person school must be started immediately. Distance learning is not learning at all.

11. Does Anchorage need better preschool options for children? If not, what are your suggestions for improvement?

No, children should spend time with parents as they are young and developing.

12. What steps should ASD take to improve its career and technical education curriculum?

Math, science and technology should be the focus of training.

13. Achievement gaps persist in the Anchorage School District among economic, racial and ethnic groups of students. What would you do to address the gaps and what should the district do to close them?

Teach all students equally. Stop telling them they are unequal. Set the bar high and you will be surprised by how many more will achieve excellence.

14. Are you happy with current class sizes in the district? Would you suggest specific changes?

Classroom sizes should be eight to 12 children until sixth grade. Beyond that, up to 20 students is acceptable.

15. Are you happy with current school start times and the length of school days? Explain.

Start at 7 and go until 6. Should be 6 days a week and eliminate summer vacation.

16. Is the Anchorage School District currently doing a good job of retaining quality teachers? What steps, if any, should the school board take to improve teacher retention? *

No. It is interesting though because ASD pays a lot of money. Money is not always the answer. Eliminate the union’s destructive influence and you will allow more great teachers to come to Anchorage.

17. Please discuss your commitment to transparency and open government as it relates to the school board and Anchorage School District. Would you push for changes?

ALL meetings are open to the public. Let the public give its input. Don’t just listen to your donors, listen to all the shareholders of Anchorage.

18. What other important issue would you like to discuss?

Reopen all schools now. Stop discriminating against those who cannot wear the mask. Do not discriminate against those who refuse to vaccinate. Give the children their desks back.