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Anchorage mayoral runoff Q&A: What would you do to improve the police department’s relationship with the community?

Candidates Forrest Dunbar and Dave Bronson face each other in the runoff for Anchorage mayor. Ballots have already been sent out, and runoff election day is May 11.

The Daily News conducted separate video interviews with Dunbar and Bronson on April 27, asking a series of questions on issues both important to Anchorage’s future and that have come up in the course of the campaign. Both candidates were given up to 2 minutes to respond to each question. (Watch videos of their responses to all of the questions here.)

Below, Dunbar and Bronson answer the following:

National tensions have risen around policing and racism. What would you do as mayor, if anything, to improve or change the Anchorage Police Department’s relationship with its communities?