No updated vote count Monday in Anchorage mayor’s race

Updated election results in the runoff between Anchorage mayoral candidates Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar were not available Monday, the municipal clerk’s office said.

According to Deputy Clerk Erika McConnell, the reason for the delay was there were not a “significant” number of ballots counted to report.

The clerk’s office said it expects to release the next round of results Tuesday before 5 p.m.

As of Friday’s count, Bronson was ahead by 1,116 votes, with 44,076 total votes and 50.64% of the vote. Dunbar had 42,960 votes and 49.36% of the vote.

On Friday, 87,165 ballots had been counted and the election center had received 91,494 ballots.

Dunbar has not conceded but on Friday said in a social media post it “appears unlikely that we will make up the difference.”