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Now on Instagram: Anchorage's 'Sad Dogs of Fire Island' bakery

  • Author: Suzanna Caldwell
  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published January 19, 2016

When the second Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop location opened in Airport Heights last October, Britta Hamre said things were a little slow. But from the beginning there were plenty of neighborhood dogs looking in as their owners shopped at the artisan bake shop.

Hamre, who works at the front counter, said the big windows at the new location gave her a close look at the sad pups peering in. So she started taking pictures -- and the Sad Dogs of Fire Island Instagram account was born.

Hamre said she's no expert on why the dogs all look so sad, but she suspects that maybe it might have something to do with their acute sense of smell.

"I'm a big fan of how the bakery smells and I'm sure with dog senses it must be even more tantalizing," she said. "And I think just not being allowed in -- the scorn of rejection."

The Municipality of Anchorage health code prohibits all non-service dogs from entering food establishments. Hamre said part of the account played off a joke between the owners, who all own dogs that can't come in. (They keep a fenced area behind the new location for their own pups).

When the bakery reopens after its January break Wednesday, Hamre will move to work at the G Street location in South Addition. She plans to continue the account.

"I've been hounding -- oh, God, no pun intended -- my fellow employees to keep the dogs pictures coming my way," she said. "And I'll be able to scout out some South Addition talent, too."

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