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Disputes between Anchorage marijuana activist and neighbor lead to restraining orders, arrest

  • Author: Suzanna Caldwell
  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published December 17, 2014

A dispute between two neighbors, each actively involved in distinct underground Anchorage subcultures, has spilled into the streets.

Within the past week, Anchorage marijuana activist Charlo Greene and Sarha Shaubach, Miss World Leather 2013 and owner of the Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles, have filed for seven restraining orders against each other and associates, leading to an arrest Tuesday. It's part of an ongoing clash related to disagreements at a shared business address in downtown Anchorage.

Anchorage police communications director Jennifer Castro said police have had several complaints called in regarding 225 E. Fifth Ave. but couldn't say how many times they had been dispatched to the address, citing an ongoing investigation.

Greene and Shaubach both began renting spaces in the building, the former home of the Kodiak Bar, in November. Shaubach's business occupies the basement of the former bar, with Greene's Alaska Cannabis Clubhouse occupying the street level.

Shaubach's center, which includes a BDSM (bondage/discipline/sadism/masochism) leather boutique, caters to "kink education" with memberships available as well as workshops and other educational opportunities.

Greene said in an interview Tuesday that the clubhouse, an extension of her Alaska Cannabis Club, is a members-only social club for people who want to "come and hang out," in a manner similar to "Cannabis Cafes" in Spain, though she declined to answer exactly what that might involve. Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, plans to have a "soft opening" for the clubhouse starting Friday.

In an interview Monday, Shaubach said things started amicably between the two tenants, who shared a mutual kitchen in Greene's portion of the building. But Shaubach said the relationship deteriorated when she attempted to bring in a fire inspector and that Greene would not allow the inspector to enter her portion of the building, claiming the building as her residence.

Shaubach said since the upstairs was not inspected, Greene was not supposed to have parties in the space.

After the incident, Shaubach began avoiding contact with Greene, according to Shaubach's restraining order against Greene. In the restraining order, Shaubach alleges that Greene held a party Friday while Shaubach was working in the basement.

Shaubach said she called the fire department to notify it of the party, and the fire department had showed up.

Shaubach alleges that when Greene found out she had complained, Greene and others began threatening and taunting Shaubach.

The next day, Shaubach asked for and received five short-term restraining orders against Greene, her sisters Jacque and Jennifer Egbe, brother Charles Egbe and Greene's boyfriend Peter Lomanaco.

On Sunday, Greene also asked for and received a restraining order against Shaubach, saying that for the last two weeks, Shaubach had been "stalking and threatening sexual assault," according to Greene's description of Shaubach's conduct as stated in the restraining order.

Greene also filed a restraining order against her landlord, Ethann Oldham, earlier in the week, claiming Oldham had broken into what she referred to as her "home" five times since November. The short-term restraining order was denied, though a hearing for a long-term order is scheduled for Dec. 31.

In an interview Tuesday, Greene declined to discuss the allegations in detail. She also declined to answer questions about whether she was living in the building, which is zoned as a commercial property.

"I'm not interested in feeding the drama, in spite of (Shaubach) going to every news outlet to drum up the same story," Greene said.

The Anchorage Press published a letter from Shaubach on Tuesday night detailing her allegations against Greene. Greene's attorney, Benjamin Adams, released a statement asking the Anchorage Press to remove the story, as well as issue a retraction and apology.

Oldham also declined to comment on the incidents. When asked if she was planning to evict Greene, Oldham said, "There is paperwork."

Shaubach expressed frustration about not being able to open her business and said she had events planned for the weekend that had to be canceled after the dispute. She was even arrested for violating the restraining order Monday night after, she said, she "accidentally" sent a text message to Greene.

"I attempted to do this in all the right ways, but I'm over it," Shaubach said.

Greene too acknowledged that she was weary of the back-and-forth over the situation. She said she planned to move forward with clubhouse operations in the space.

"It's really, really draining when we're doing something that we know is going to be a good thing for our community. It sucks having all of these hurdles and having so many things trying to distract us. But we don't have a choice, we have to keep moving forward," Greene said. "This is what it's like being first and we're willing to bear that wait, because we asked for it."

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