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Passenger video shows worker throwing luggage from Alaska Airlines jet

  • Author: New York Daily News
  • Updated: June 10, 2019
  • Published June 10, 2019

Alaska Airlines is catching heat on social media after a Twitter video showed a baggage handler tossing luggage from a plane.

“Taken place at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, one of the Alaska Airlines workers was carelessly throwing luggage out of the plane. This is unacceptable!” Raz Davidov wrote after tweeting the video.

The video shows luggage being thrown from the plane onto a cart. Several bags bounce off the cart onto the tarmac.

An Alaska Airlines customer service representative reached out to Davidov on Twitter to switch to direct messages to get more information, USA Today reported.

However, several Twitter users were on the side of the worker, calling into question his working conditions.

“That’s dropping, not throwing,” drock_reality said. “I see a guy working that doesn’t have the proper equipment. Such a massive 5 ft drop for luggage designed to handle such issues. #fauxoutrage.”

“Your bag is fine,” another chimed in, adding an eye-rolling emoji.