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Man denied boarding in Dillingham by PenAir tried to climb into airplane cargo hold

Officers received a report last month of a Togiak man who was behaving oddly at the PenAir terminal in Dillingham. PenAir had not allowed 36-year-old Donald Cilistok Isaacson to board a flight June 27 because of his behavior.

Isaacson refused to leave the terminal, according to a statement by the Dillingham Police Department. When an officer arrived and told Isaacson he had to leave, Isaacson said he needed to board and began to throw the contents of his pockets at the ticket agents.

Isaacson then ran through the security door by the boarding gate and out onto the tarmac. The officer tackled him, but Isaacson escaped and ran up the luggage conveyor belt attached to the cargo hold of a PenAir jet.

The officer followed and grabbed Isaacson, who was halfway into the cargo hold, holding onto the leg of a PenAir ramp agent who was inside the cargo hold. The officer was knocked off the conveyor belt onto the tarmac, injuring his elbow and knee in the fall.

Isaacson then jumped onto the tarmac and was wrestled to the ground by the officer. The officer handcuffed Isaacson with the assistance of three PenAir ramp agents and the pilot.

The flight was delayed because the cargo hold of the jet had to be emptied of baggage and reloaded per FAA regulations.

Isaacson was arrested and charged with misdemeanors: criminal trespass, assault, resisting arrest, escape and two other misdemeanor offenses relating to airport regulations.

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