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Bail set at $1 million for Anchorage mother accused of killing 5-year-old son

An Anchorage mother accused of killing her 5-year-old son in November will be held on $1 million bail, a District Court judge announced Thursday.

Marley Marque, 29, is charged with first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and a charge of manslaughter in her son’s death. During a telephonic arraignment hearing on the charges Thursday afternoon, the child’s grandmother made an emotional plea for Marque to stay incarcerated.

“We just want to make sure, not only for our lives, but for the safety of the people in Anchorage and in the surrounding communities — we want to make sure that this can never be done again to someone else,” she told Judge David Nesbett during the hearing. “We don’t want anybody else to experience the pain we are going through.”

Charging documents filed against Marque in three cases outline a series of violent incidents and interactions with police, who noted her erratic behavior, in the days leading up to the discovery of her son’s body. The boy was found in their home with stab wounds to his neck on Nov. 25, several days after he died, police wrote in the charging documents. Police have not identified the child.

Although charging documents include references to mental health issues, both the prosecutor and public defender on Thursday said Marque has been found competent.

Marque is also accused of stabbing her brother on Nov. 18. He didn’t tell police who stabbed him until a week later — after her son was killed, the charging documents said.

Officers spoke with Marque on Nov. 18 and saw her son, who at the time was uninjured, according to charging documents. In that encounter, Marque “exhibited signs of mental health issues,” the charges said.

She was then arrested Nov. 20 outside a South Anchorage gas station. Police were called to the area because Marque had been sleeping at the wheel of her Toyota Tacoma for more than two hours, charging documents said. Marque became aggressive when police confronted her and threatened two officers with a knife, according to the charges. She was arrested on two charges of third-degree assault and resisting arrest. The following day, officials from the Department of Corrections described her as being unresponsive, charges said.

Late on Nov. 24, the paternal grandmother of Marque’s son reported the boy missing after she was unable to locate Marque. Police arrived at Marque’s home on the 4200 block of Reka Avenue in the early hours of Nov. 25, according to a sworn criminal complaint signed by Anchorage Detective Jeffrey Elbie.

Officers found the 5-year-old boy in the bathtub, the complaint said. The state medical examiner later determined the boy died from “stab wounds to neck and/or probable drowning” about five days before his body was found, police wrote in the charges.

Marque was unresponsive with detectives on Nov. 25 and told them in a Dec. 2 interview that she’d suffered a “psychotic break or something,” the complaint said. When they told her about her son’s death, she cried and told them she’d tried to resuscitate him.

Public defender Tristan Bordon said during Thursday’s hearing that Marque was found competent last week, although the evaluation noted she appeared to have suffered a psychotic episode during the time of the crimes. Her symptoms lessened during the following weeks, he said.

She has been incarcerated at Hiland Correctional Center since Nov. 20.