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Wasilla woman arrested after setting house on fire, troopers say

A Wasilla woman told law enforcement officers that she was in possession of a bomb before setting a house on fire this week, Alaska State Troopers said Friday.

There was no bomb detonated at the house, according to troopers spokesman Austin McDaniel.

When Palmer pre-trial enforcement officers tried to arrest Mallory Bloomquist, 37, on a warrant at a residence in Wasilla on Thursday morning, she told officers that she had a bomb, troopers said in an online report.

Troopers said they were called in to assist with Bloomquist’s arrest just after 11 a.m., and upon their arrival, she said she was going to set the house ablaze.

Before leaving the house, Bloomquist set it on fire by “igniting combustible liquids inside the residence,” McDaniel wrote in an email, and the house was a total loss.

Asked whether there were any bombs at the residence, McDaniel wrote that “State Troopers and Deputy Fire Marshals located multiple incendiary devices at the residence,” which weren’t classified as bombs.

Bloomquist was arrested on the original warrant and also remanded on other charges related to the incident Thursday, including first- and second-degree arson, first-degree criminal mischief and second-degree terroristic threatening.