Fairbanks police chief resigns just over a year after starting the position

Fairbanks Police Chief Nancy Reeder is resigning from the department due to “personal reasons,” according to a statement issued by the mayor’s office.

Reeder replaced former chief Eric Jewkes after he retired last April. She officially took over as head of the department in June of 2019. Before that, Reeder was with the Anchorage Police Department for 35 years.

Reeder’s resignation was announced Monday and is effective immediately, said Teal Soden, a communications director for the Fairbanks Mayor’s Office. No additional information was available about why Reeder resigned or what her future plans are, Soden said.

Acting Deputy Chief Rick Sweet will become the department chief in the meantime. He’s been with the department since 2012.

Soden said the city will announce in coming weeks when the hiring process will open for a permanent chief.

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