Human waste was mailed to a Palmer cancer clinic, troopers say

A package containing vials of human waste was mailed to a Palmer cancer clinic this week, Alaska State Troopers said.

Staff at Midnight Sun Oncology opened the package and contacted troopers just before 10 a.m. Monday, said Austin McDaniel, a spokesman for the troopers.

Inside the package, there was “an incoherent flyer that included statements that the sender was, ‘sent from God,’ ” McDaniel wrote in an email. The flyer had a QR code that linked to a website that had similar incoherent statements, McDaniel said. The package also contained three vials that were verified by FBI technicians to contain “human waste and biological fluids,” troopers wrote in an online statement.

It was not immediately clear why the package was sent to the clinic, and McDaniel said troopers are investigating motive.

The package and contents were disposed of per biohazard waste removal standards, troopers said.

Information on the shipping label led troopers to Florida, McDaniel said. Troopers did not identify a suspect by name but said in an initial statement that the sender was believed to be a woman who was “suffering from mental health related issues.”

There have been no reports of similar packages being received in Alaska, McDaniel said.

Federal law enforcement officials declined to pursue criminal charges, troopers wrote.