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Sloppy mix of snow and rain to persist through most of Sunday in Anchorage

A soggy grab bag of snow, rain and freezing rain is likely to stick around Anchorage for most of Sunday, bringing with it high winds to some areas of town.

After 2 to 5 inches of snow fell overnight, the temperature warmed enough to prompt the National Weather Service to issue a warning about freezing rain lasting until early afternoon.

After that, a steady mixture of rain, snow and freezing rain is expected to fall until late afternoon or early evening, said NWS meteorologist Dave Percy.

Winds are expected to reach up to 50 mph on the Anchorage Hillside and along Turnagain Arm on Sunday night.

Temperatures should stay above freezing overnight, so the roads should be more wet than icy by the Monday morning commute, Percy said.

"Real slushy slop," he said.