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When a moose crashes your birthday pool party

A bull moose crashed a birthday party Sunday in Palmer, forcing everyone out of a family's pond while the moose splashed around in the water.

Family members had gathered for Jesse Hushower's 14th birthday party, Jesse said.

Jesse said he was in the pond that afternoon when his brother pointed out something.

"A moose was right behind us," Jesse said.

Everyone started grabbing their belongings and getting out of the water, Jesse said. It was a little scary, he said.

"They're Alaska kids," said Carol Hushower, Jesse's mom. They know to be wary of moose.

In the video, a bull moose can be seen trotting into the pond, then splashing around as the rest of the party hangs out on the deck, giving the animal a wide berth. Carol said they watched the animal for about half an hour.

Neighbor moose crashed the birthday party yesterday!

Posted by Carol Hushower on Monday, June 4, 2018

Carol Hushower said the family built the pond out of roofing material a few years ago. Since then, the pond has become a neighborhood hangout — and not just for people.

"We were hoping just to have, you know, kids play in it," Hushower said.

But the pond has also attracted moose that visit the body of water regularly, she said.

Hushower said they haven't tried to discourage the moose from going into the pond. They're all living in the woods together, Hushower figures.

Occasionally a moose will rip a hole in the pond liner, and the family just patches it up. And sometimes they have to skim moose hair off the top of the pond before they use it, she said, chuckling.

Two young bull moose, one of which is seen in the video, came by Friday, Hushower said. They've been hanging around every day since, she said.

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