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Assembly candidate Q&A: Agree or disagree with Mayor Sullivan's direction?

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  • Updated: May 31, 2016
  • Published March 26, 2014

Anchorage residents will vote on candidates for six open seats on the 11-member Anchorage Assembly in the April 1 municipal election. To give readers a better sense of who they'd be voting for, the Anchorage Daily News asked each of the 13 hopefuls a series of questions on their backgrounds and on key issues facing the city.

Answers by candidates to select questions will be published in daily editions of the Anchorage Daily News leading up to the election.

Question for the Assembly candidates:



Adam Trombley: I agree with the financial direction of the city. However, the administration has not paid adequate attention to the development community by reforming the permitting and planning sectors of the municipality.

Mao Tosi: I don't agree and that is why I decided to run for Assembly. It's been frustrating to see how disconnected our representatives have been from the concerns of our citizens.

Pete Petersen: I appreciate the mayor's desire to control spending, but unfortunately his administration has made questionable decisions that will actually cost us more money. They have wasted thousands on payroll software that doesn't work and pushed a law that has devastated employee morale, making it hard to recruit qualified workers.


Pete Nolan: How can anyone disagree with a Triple-A bond rating? I would like to see more public-private partnerships and discover potential cost savings with privatization, so we can focus on the essential role of government: public safety, infrastructure, education and management of our public trust properties.

Bill Evans: Largely agree. I think the administration has done some really hard work in reigning in costs and recovering from a deficit situation.

Bruce Dougherty: I'm not completely aligned with the mayor. Reduced funding for parks has adversely affected our quality of life. The mayor is in lock-step with the governor regarding supporting giving public money to private and religious schools ... This is absolutely ridiculous.


Phil Isley: I generally agree for the most part -- especially where he has held down taxes. I am disappointed about his support of special interests like tennis courts and some contracts.

Tim Steele: I disagree with his administration's efforts to cut and underfund most departments and then tax below the cap and claim good management. Someday soon we will have to address the under funding -- If not by the Sullivan administration then the next administration will have to adequately fund and staff.


Bill Starr: He and his executives have placed appropriate fiscal emphasis and raising of awareness on financial challenges. Municipal work force has been equally effective in reductions.

Sharon Gibbons: There are some things that he has done that I disagree with. For example, I disagree with his attempts to do away with collective bargaining. I also have concerns about the Port of Anchorage contracts.


Elvi Gray-Jackson: Disagree. Since taking office in 2009, the mayor has cut services every year while taxes have increased. Our citizens are paying more for fewer services while the mayor is flaunting a surplus every year.


Patrick Flynn: As with many people, sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree. A periodic concern relates to the mayor taking steps to achieve short-term gain with long-term costs his successor(s) will inherit. I have been disappointed by actions taken in an effort to avoid public review.

Mark Martinson: No, he's taking money away form average people and giving it to the corporate rich. This city needs a stable economy with secure jobs and prices.

Anchorage Daily News staff


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