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Assembly candidate Q&A: Are you satisfied with street maintenance?

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  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published March 28, 2014

Anchorage residents will vote on candidates for six open seats on the 11-member Anchorage Assembly at the municipal election on April 1. To give readers a better sense of who they'd be voting for, the Daily News asked each of the 13 hopefuls a series of questions on their backgrounds and on key issues facing the city. In the days leading up to the campaign, we're printing answers to selected questions in the newspaper, while full responses are posted at


East Anchorage

• Adam Trombley: The city has a decent program for road maintenance and plowing.

• Mao Tosi: Yes, I'm sure they're moving as quickly as they can to clear the streets but I think every resident would like to have their snow moved right away.

• Pete Petersen: It takes a week or more for sidewalks to get plowed forcing pedestrians to walk in the street. This is unacceptable.

South Anchorage

• Pete Nolan: There is no coordination between Muni and State plowing. State plows "throw" the snow, as they have different equipment. Muni "pushes" and removes snow.

• Bill Evans: Mostly yes. It is a question of budget and priorities. The better we do overall on controlling costs, the better the services we can provide.

• Bruce Dougherty: We do a good job in most of the muni, but on the hillside and on some smaller neighborhood streets people can go days without plowing.

West Anchorage

• Phil Isley: I would try to better coordinate road and sidewalk plowing.

• Tim Steele: I have heard, from voters, complaints expressing concern about Snow not being plowed fast enough, hauled often enough and sidewalks getting splatter from street plow crews after being plowed. Also, I heard a concern about dust from sand.

Eagle River-Chugiak

• Bill Starr: Very satisfied. Our outsourced services in Chugiak-Eagle River are delivered more cost effective with better timelines of clearing and repair than Anchorage. Anchorage can do better.

• Sharon Gibbons: I would like to see pot holes services expedited. Rather than waiting till the end of summer to fill the potholes, I'd like to see potholes filed early spring to preserve the life of vehicles.


• Elvi Gray-Jackson: Our employees do a great job with the resources they have. I would increase funding so that bus stops, sidewalks, and neighborhoods are plowed sooner.

Downtown- Mountain View

• Patrick Flynn: I'm generally satisfied but we should do a better job in planning for, and informing residents of, periodic snow removal and street cleaning activity.

• Mark Martinson: No, I think we need to recognize that we are a northern climate city and snow removal is a big part of the climate and the budget. I would look at how previous administrations handled snow removal, and use what works. We seem to change the method and amount of snow removal with every new mayor.Assembly candidates on the issues


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