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Assembly candidate Q&A: What grade do you give the current Assembly?

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  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published March 28, 2014

Anchorage residents will vote on candidates for six open seats on the 11-member Anchorage Assembly at the municipal election on April 1. To give readers a better sense of who they'd be voting for, the Daily News asked each of the 13 hopefuls a series of questions on their backgrounds and on key issues facing the city.


East Anchorage

• Adam Trombley: B. Most of the time the Assembly finds an adequate compromise to contentious issues.

• Mao Tosi: C+, I think they're doing as well as they can and have many tough decisions to make but I hope these decisions are for the benefit of our city and not personal gain.

• Pete Petersen: D. Tax are up yet services are still getting cut, and the Assembly was wrong to deny people their right to testify on controversial legislation.

South Anchorage

• Pete Nolan: A-. For the most part they have made good decisions, with only occasional ventures into things they should not be doing.

• Bill Evans: B. Good job on reigning in costs. But repeal of AO37 did not help. The lengthy debate over tennis courts was out-of-proportion to the issue.

• Bruce Dougherty: D (grading on a curve) Our city government needs to be fully transparent and cooperation needs to be embraced.

West Anchorage

• Phil Isley: Tim is a nice guy but I would give him a C due to lack of enthusiasm and leadership.

• Tim Steele: C+ Too much plotting, planning and useless or unproductive maneuvering.

Eagle River-Chugiak

• Bill Starr: B. We have generally done a good job of providing check and balance government. We could do better explaining issues and listening to those we serve.

• Sharon GIBBONS: We all have room to do better. We have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. There is always room to learn, grow and do better.


• Elvi Gray-Jackson: It is so important for the Assembly to remember that we are there on behalf of the citizens of Anchorage. We are a nonpartisan community and take an oath to represent, to the best of our ability, the citizens of Anchorage. Often, some of my colleagues don't remember that oath.

Downtown- Mountain View

• Patrick Flynn: B, We generally work well together but I am disappointed when my colleagues allow political allegiance to trump community priorities.

• Mark Martinson: D, they seem to go along with the group even if it doesn't make long term sense.Assembly candidates on the issues


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