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Assembly candidate Q&A: Why are you running?

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  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published March 29, 2014

Anchorage residents will vote on candidates for six open seats on the 11-member Anchorage Assembly at the municipal election on April 1. To give readers a better sense of who they'd be voting for, the Daily News asked each of the 13 hopefuls a series of questions on their backgrounds and on key issues facing the city.

Why are you running for the Assembly?

East Anchorage

• Adam Trombley: Three years ago I promised I'd accomplish three things; create jobs, keep the growth of taxes down and fund a community plan for East Anchorage. After three years I've accomplished all three. Building plans can now be reviewed by the private sector, we've seen the slowest growth in taxes in the last three years than we had in the previous fifteen and the East

• Mao Tosi: Like many citizens I've been frustrated with the decisions our representatives were making but instead of pointing the finger I decided to get involved. East Anchorage has been my home since 1989 when my family first moved to Alaska. And when I decided to move back to Anchorage in 2003, it was never a doubt to where I would live and raise my family, East Anchorage.

• Pete Petersen: I am running because East Anchorage deserves an assemblyman who will put their needs first. I am disappointed that despite taxes going up services are going down and schools are firing teachers. I will fight to lower property taxes, fix our roads, and improve our neighborhood schools.

South Anchorage

• Pete Nolan: With Chris Birch terming out, I knew we needed to find an experienced, knowledgeable person to serve. Every time I asked someone I respected, they told me that I should step up. After much thought and prayer, I decided to take this step, and have been working hard ever since.

• Bill Evans: Anchorage has been a tremendous land of opportunity for me and my family and I want to do my part to ensure that it remains that way for future generations.

• Bruce Dougherty: I'm running for Assembly to give the people of South Anchorage a real choice in this election. We need Assembly members who rise above politics and partisanship and listen to what folks at the neighborhood level need, whether it's resolving drainage issues on the hillside or filling potholes.

West Anchorage

• Phil Isley: Because people need a choice and I am not happy with the direction the Assembly is going. I think I could do as well or better. I hope to be the conservative choice for West Anchorage.

• Tim Steele: To do good for the people of West Anchorage! I was instilled, at a young age with a significant Public Service calling. My Father and Grandmother also were elected Public Officials.

Eagle River-Chugiak

• Bill Starr: Serve my community.

• Sharon GIBBONS: I am running to give the constituents of district 2C a voice and as well as quality representation.


• Elvi Gray-Jackson: I have worked tirelessly to respect and listen to constituent concerns, help citizens navigate through municipal government, and get things done. There is still much work to be done and I want to continue to work on behalf of the citizens of Midtown/Anchorage.

Downtown- Mountain View

• Patrick Flynn: Quite simply, I love my hometown and want to do my part to make it better.

• Mark Martinson: I want to help with the sensible development of this city, by improving mass transit and pedestrian safety, while helping to stabilize the long-term economy. We need a stable city workforce and a healthy private workforce.Assembly candidates on the issues


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