The changing of the guard -- and the channel -- at Anchorage City Hall

One of the powers awaiting Anchorage Mayor-elect Berkowitz: The power of the remote.

The mayor's office decides what channel will play on the TV screen across from the elevators in the City Hall lobby, said city spokesman Bryce Hyslip. As of Tuesday afternoon, the administration of Mayor Dan Sullivan, a Republican, had the TV tuned to Fox News.

That will change once Berkowitz, a Democrat, takes office, his staff said Tuesday.

"Official channel will be CNN," spokeswoman Nora Morse wrote in a text message. She said Berkowitz and chief of staff Susanne Fleek-Green "have talked about it."

In an email, former Mayor Mark Begich, a Democrat, said he also turned the lobby TV to CNN.

Devin Kelly

Devin Kelly was an ADN staff reporter.