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Wainwright tribal council elections set for November

Seven seats on the Wainwright tribal council are up for election in November.

“Because the elections haven’t been happening since 2017 ... the council had approved to just open all seats,” said Raymond Nashookpuk, Indian General Assistance Program coordinator at the Village of Wainwright.

Billy Blair Patkotak Jr. is running for Seat A for a three-year term. Howard Patkotak is the sole candidate for Seat B, also for three years.

Edward Lee “Eddie” Kagak and Jimmie F. Kagak will compete for a three-year term in Seat C.

Seat D has three candidates: Carolyn Akpik, Frederick Rexford and Muriel “Vee-Vee” Panik. This seat has a two-year term.

Alyssa “Bubs” Harrison is running for a two-year term at Seat E unopposed; Virginia Tagarook is running for a one-year term at Seat F; and John Hopson, for one year at Seat G.

The elections will take place on Nov. 7 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Robert James Community Center.

All tribal members who are 18 years of age or older, and who are physically present in the village to cast their ballot on election day, should be eligible to vote, Nashookpuk said.