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Seldom seen Arctic creatures come to light in photos

  • Author: Mia Bennett
  • Updated: May 31, 2016
  • Published July 18, 2012

Many people know the Arctic as home of fuzzy white polar bears, smiling beluga whales, and mythical-looking narwhals.

Yet through his underwater photography, Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov is trying to publicize little known creatures of the White Sea, located off the coast of northwestern Russia near the Kola Peninsula.

Massive scyphozoan jellies, monstrous Atlantic wolffish, and many-legged annelid worms are some of his subjects.

Semenov, who takes photos during his underwater dives, says, "I'm trying to bring these hidden worlds to the masses and it's much easier to do with Internet." Wired has the full story, and you can also check out the photos on his website.

This story is posted on Alaska Dispatch as part of Eye on the Arctic, a collaborative partnership between public and private circumpolar media

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